Awaiting The Golden Age

For all who find themselves in a crisis and are reflecting on the meaning of life

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Within 1st hour of an ebook release, there was 133 download.

1/3 of all the ebook readers wanted to acquire a paper book. 

 Limited amount of books printed only 99. 

By the request of the readers, an English version was born. 

If You stopped to think about your life than this book is for You!

Your body is the temple of your spirit. This book has 49 yoga exercises, which can be performed at any age, beginners or not, to strengthen their help.

Book "Awaiting the Golden Age" is an aid in making the first step to improve body, spirit, and life.

The book was born while traveling in the Himalayas. The author wanted to depict and explain the road he and many others walked. This road heals the wounds of the soul. Spiritual things are hard to explain. They have been experienced by many, however, to convey the message and especially write it down is not easy. The Author wanted to do that in the simplest form, through visualizations and associations. 

The main question that arises for many over time "What is the purpose of my life?"

This book was written so that reader would start to question, search for answers and would move in the different road, then the road that is being pushed on them by the environment or the prevailing culture.

5 unique things you will discover in this book

"for the majority of people to do what they like is a luxury and not the norm of life"

  • Material for pondering about your life meaning and an answer - who actually controls man?
  • Familiarization with Djana Yoga, in other words knowing and wisdom yoga. 
  • Practical exercises, how to control your own blood pressure, heart rhythm and even how to change the temperature of your body.
  • Asana technique, which is designed for beginners of any age. It will help to regain lost flexibility, to get rid of back pain and so on. 
  • Comprehension on how to deal with stress and how to accrue hormones of happiness and other secrets that have been guarded for a very long time in the mountains of Himalayas.

"Just finished reading your book... Amazing!"

Madhav Bamboo Menon

"Thank you...introduction was magnificent:). Because of it I couldn't leave to work..."

Rasa V.

" Thank you for the book. Fantastic illustrations! Few ideas were born the moment I started reading the book!"

Vilija Prakapienė 

"I thoroughly enjoyed reflecting on the ideas in your books. They are a great message to educators and scholars at a time when a highly minimalist approach is the order of the day in education. "Awaiting the Golden Age" reads like the most urgent message for our societies."

T. S. Powdyel 

Former Minister for Education of the Royal Government of Bhutan

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About The Author

Sufi Bhodisattva - traveler and researcher of the secrets

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